about crowd source radio:

crowd radio is a random online music database, powered by listeners like you!

the purpose of crowd radio is to break free of algorithm based sites that keep you in a "bubble", and to discover something new. crowd radio generates a random song every time you join in, no matter what your preferences are!

the name, crowd radio, is a reference to the database of songs, which has been constructed completely by user suggestions; anyone who wants to add a song to the library can just go the request page and type in the artist/song!

the site is not limited to commercial artists; anyone who has ever written a song can be heard on crowd radio!

the inspiration for the site came from a love of music, combined with a desire to hear all types of music, not just those that were most popular or recommended by an algorithm. the goal was to create a truly random source of music, one that was diverse and unbiased. a station that did not pander to popularity, to genre, or become involved with ratings. a site that was not designed to bury content, or to filter content, but just play anything at any moment.

everyone is encouraged to submit a song (or many) to help reach the goal of a truly random and diverse library!